Surface and Foul Water Design

Surface and Foul Water Design



26. June 2020


GCE offers a complete detailed design package for your below-ground drainage elements for even the trickiest of development sites.

We are skilled at overcoming even the most challenging design problems such as shallow outfalls, groundwater problems, water quality enhancement features, and drainage strategies for areas of contaminated land.

Our detailed design service covers both foul and surface water networks, as well as pumping stations (both private and adoptable), rising mains, SuDS features, and open water features. All of the detailed designs produced at GCE are modeled and verified using MicroDrainage in order to provide an optimised, cost-effective, and biodiverse drainage network.

Additionally, GCE offers flood compensation modeling for sites that are bound by areas of Flood Zone 3. Our flood compensation modeling allows even the trickiest of sites to be utilised and drained in a safe and sustainable way, whilst not impeding on the flood storage capacity around the proposed site.

Our services include:

  • S106 Connections
  • S104 Adoptions
  • S185 – Abandonments and Diversions
  • Capacity Checks
  • Build-over Agreements
  • River Wall Works
  • Flood Compensation Modelling

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