Our Services

Our Services

  • Civil Engineering
  • Structural Engineering
  • Pre-Planning
  • Flood Risk Assessment
  • SuDs/Drainage Assessment
  • Highway Design
  • Utilities Assessment
  • Post Planning/Detail Design
  • Surface and Foul Water Design
  • 278/S38 Highway Design
  • External Works/Site Wide Level Designs
  • Bulk Earthwork Packages
  • Site Supervision
  • Construction Verification Reports

At Green Consulting Engineers (GCE), we strive to provide our clients with peace of mind and reliability. We do this through careful and thorough project planning, coordination, and value engineering wherever possible whilst meeting the strictest deadlines. GCE believes in close coordination and open lines of communication between members of the internal and external design team in order to provide thoughtful and practical designs.

GCE has been involved in the design of numerous successful projects throughout the UK on behalf of developers, asset managers, and contractors. Our expertise ranges across residential, commercial, and industrial developments and our involvement ranges from pre-planning and initial site optioning through to detailed designs, condition discharges, and reserved matters applications.

Additionally to our civil engineering services, we undertake the structural engineering design, temporary works design, and sequencing for several contractors who operate nationally through our sister company GSE. Offering a wide range of services across Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering, and temporary works enables us to offer a unique well-rounded service to our clients.

Our portfolio of projects ranges from a construction value of £1 million up to £15 million of varying scales of complexity.

GCE holds all relevant insurance policies and operates in line with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001.

Green Structural Engineering is an award-winning structural engineering consultancy. Our ethos is to provide a personal and responsive service to our clients and the design teams we work with, helping to develop appropriate solutions in a timely manner at all stages of a project.

With the unique blend of expertise and passion and pushing the boundaries of design and service. Our proactive collaboration with developers, architects, and construction professionals, results in the successful delivery of projects, often with significant time, cost, and risk reductions.

Benefit of Service

Providing complementary services under one roof leads to better coordination and efficiency between Civil and Structural Designs. This invariably leads to better designs for our clients.

Our Pre-Planning services are

  • Flood Risk Assessments
  • SuDs/Drainage Assessments
  • Highway Design
  • Utilities Assessment

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GCE offers Flood Risk Assessments (FRA’s) for even the most challenging sites around the UK. We work with sites located within Flood Zones 1, 2, and 3 (water-compatible and essential infrastructure). Our FRA’s are fully compliant with the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) as well as with local guidance from the Lead Local Flood Authority (LLFA) in charge of the development area.

Our FRA’s will assess the risk of flooding from all sources, and provide relevant cost-effective and safe mitigation measures to reduce the risk of flooding to the site and demonstrate that the development can be constructed and maintained in a safe way during the proposed lifetime.  

GCE offer Pre-Planning high-level SuDS Strategies to support your proposed development through planning. These SuDS strategies demonstrate to the Local Planning Authority if a SuDS/drainage system is fit for the site and the resultant attenuation features, storage volumes, and SuDS features associated with the design.

Our Assessments not only cover the conceptual design of the drainage network but also works through the drainage hierarchy to provide a bio-diverse and eco-friendly network that will reduce the risk of flooding on and off-site.

Our SuDS/Drainage Assessments are key for clients who have a site within a critical drainage area (as designated by the Environment Agency or the Lead Local Flood Authority).

GCE’s Highway Design Service for planning will take your internal and external site road development to a new level. GCE coordinates with the highways authority to come up with a workable design that can be Approved in Principle thus setting the building blocks for the site design.

Our highways team will offer ongoing advice at the planning stage regarding site constraints, services, and diversions for highways, geometric design, and alignments as well as levels design and highways infrastructure.

GCE Utility assessments are crucial for any larger project, whether the development is commercial, residential of industrial. Our Utility Assessment will take into account:

  • Live connections existing on site;
  • Locations for proposed new connections;
  • Confirmation of any offsite or onsite reinforcement works from Statutory Undertakers to supply the site; and

C2 and C3 Budget Estimates for the work.

Our Post Planning Services are:

  • Surface and Foul Water Design
  • 278/S38 Highway Design
  • External Works/Site Wide Level Designs
  • Bulk Earthworks Packages

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GCE offers a complete detailed design package for your below-ground drainage elements for even the trickiest of development sites.

We are skilled at overcoming even the most challenging design problems such as shallow outfalls, groundwater problems, water quality enhancement features, and drainage strategies for areas of contaminated land.

Our detailed design service covers both foul and surface water networks, as well as pumping stations (both private and adoptable), rising mains, SuDS features, and open water features. All of the detailed designs produced at GCE are modeled and verified using MicroDrainage in order to provide an optimised, cost-effective, and biodiverse drainage network.

Additionally, GCE offers flood compensation modeling for sites that are bound by areas of Flood Zone 3. Our flood compensation modeling allows even the trickiest of sites to be utilised and drained in a safe and sustainable way, whilst not impeding on the flood storage capacity around the proposed site.

Our services include:

  • S106 Connections
  • S104 Adoptions
  • S185 – Abandonments and Diversions
  • Capacity Checks
  • Build-over Agreements
  • River Wall Works
  • Flood Compensation Modelling

Whether altering an existing highway or creating a new through road or private road for your development, GCE has the experience and skill in highways design and has worked with many Local Planning Authorities and Highways Authorities to secure Technical Approval for the proposed schemes.

From vertical and horizontal alignment, through to K values and construction buildups, GCE offers the complete package for Highways design to suit your development proposals.

Our services include:

  • Site Clearance and Demolition
  • Land Ownership Plans
  • Visibility Assessments and Splays
  • Geometric design and alignment
  • Highways Utilities design and assessment
  • Adoption Plans
  • Setting Out
  • Vehicle Tracking

GCE offers site-wide level designs and external works packages to suit any development. We work in strict accordance with Building Regulations Part M to provide compliant designs no matter the challenges.

Our team works in close coordination with the Architect and Landscape Architect in order to produce viable cost-effective and safe designs that help to optimise the construction phase and reduce the earthworks involved in the project.

Our Civil 3D Bulk earthworks packages are a great way to optimise and balance your cut and fill on even the trickiest of sites. Our attention to detail and technical knowledge allows us to provide a balanced and economical earthworks solution for any development area.

All of our bulk earthworks designs come with cut/fill volumes taking into account any necessary bulking factors.

Our bulk earthworks packages range from high-level designs setting slab levels and carriageway levels, through to detailed bulk earthworks packages modeling in foundations, service trenches, Part M levels design etc.

Our Site Supervision Services are:

  • Construction Verification Reports

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GCE provides construction verification reports that are often requested by the Local Planning Authority to discharge a planning condition, or by the client or site manager looking to verify the construction techniques and workmanship on site.

All of our staff hold valid CSCS cards and are trained in Health and Safety and CDM procedures.

We look to provide on-site service with inspections made at key points of construction or installation. We will photograph and document the results and findings and produce a formal report for submission to the interested parties.

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